Bookshelf: Wild Textiles by Alice Fox

I went to a quilt and craft show last weekend. Held in an aging hall, I raided sale baskets for fat quarters, voted in the quilt exhibit and witnessed demonstrations for new textile technologies. However, perhaps my favourite part about quilt shows is squeezing into the little pop-up bookstore and seeking new books to draw inspiration from. Wild Textiles by Alice Fox is one of the books I purchased and packed into my backpack, only to retrieve it minutes later for a read on the light rail trip home.

Alice Fox is an author and artist based in West Yorkshire, UK. Grounded in harnessing natural processes and working with found, gathered and grown materials, the core of Fox's work is sustainability, her fascination with the detail of organic things manifested through a vivid engagement with landscape and place.

Wild Textiles, released in September this year (2022), is a beautifully crafted hardcover book published by Batsford with a downy exterior texture. Inside, Fox details methods for growing flax and nettles for creative work, establishing practical ideas for foraging plants suitable for making cordage, methods for stitching leafage and sourcing materials that can be repurposed for artistic purposes. From dandelions and stones to plastics and mud, the book is brimming with advice and insights that encourage experimental, sustainable and mindful practice.


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